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Pattern Library

Robert Kaufman Fabrics’s website carries variety of patterns. It is easy to direct and their extensive selection satisfies me. Since I’m having trouble putting hyper link, I will copy the entire address below. It will direct you to the page I mentioned above.


For guys, I would go for a design like this. 



Gathering Ideas for Upcoming Projects

Swoon Quilt caught my attention on Crafty’s most recent email.

It is a pattern designed by Camille Roskelley.

Angela Walter on Quilting is My Therapy is suggesting and sharing her ideas of quilting design on this specific quilt.

I am currently looking for a free pattern. Once I find it, I will add a link on this page. It is a quilt constructed simply with flying geese, 2 triangles square, rectangle pieces and square patch. Simply enough using jelly roll and fat quarters.

flour bag -Blue Bird


I was ready for baking so I went to the supermarket to pick up some flour. I was surprised to find a flour that’s packaged in cotton bag! I’m talking in 2013! I had to pinch myself when I saw this on a shelf. I thought flour sack and feed sack are simply symbol of history. I guess I was wrong!

As soon as I find out if this flour is suitable for baking cakes or not, if it is, I’ll get a bag and try it out!

I’ll so love to create a quilt using those bird print!!

Speaking of a packaged design, I found a bag of rice the other day which was printed on non-cotton material.


Bright red and navy plus bright white lettering.


this won’t make a comfortable quilt because of the rough texture on this material but colors were nice. I’ll sketch some ideas out if I can come up with suitable designs using this specific bag.

1.Park Avenue ~Doilie/crochet~


Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies from Leisure Arts $8.95 contains 18 “absolutely gorgeous doilies”!!!!!


The book title says it all. I’m in love with every single piece it’s on the book.


Out of all the colors and sizes on a ball I have on my lace threads collection, I decided to not to use any of speciality threads but to go for craft threads to make a colorful, ombre doilie.


I picked out the first pattern from the book, thinking it’s the easiest and simplest pattern to work on.


I was wrong”!”

Totally wrong on that part!!

I had to call up a friend and asked her to crochet along with me so that I could double check on stitches and pattern instructions.


I’ve been crocheting for over 10 years on and off, yet this was my first attempt on reading US crochet instructions. International crochet instructions are most likely written with diagrams. I read diagrams no problem because that’s what I grew up with.

Now I had to translate the crochet symbols to US word by word instructions to match up those into one in my head.

It was such a timid work!!

After multiple trials and errors, I started to get a hang of following and understanding this US written by words instructions. I even Skyped a friend who lives in different time zone to help me out! I had to have someone who understands US instructions AND diagrams to interpret these patterns for me and with me.

Getting the correct stitch count is always a must…

Yet interpretation on patterns differs by people. That’s the impression I got on those US instructions. I had to sit down with original = US instruction and write out diagrams for my own convenience. It actually helps me out to cut some time while I do crocheting. The last thing I wanna do while I knit is to read. Diagrams clears out what current stitch lands where on the previous rounds. Hence, not wasting time on making swatches leads me to grab a pen and paper to write down those words to diagrams.

It works and helps me a lot!
Once it’s translated to diagrams, my friends in Japan can even read the symbols and knit along with me! That’s exciting!


So here’s what Park Avenue looks in completed shape in multiple color thread.

I actually started 11. Majestic from the same book also, however I missed stitches for about 30 on rounds 7… that caused so much decreasing(obviously)… it looks like a Jamaican knitted hat right now. It will be a good pin cushion if I close it right now and put some background fabric and stuffings so I’ll debate a little bit more to see if I’d still wanna undo and redo the whole thing out or cut the threads and make something totally new out of it.




I spotted those lace threads on larger cone to start a larger sized doilies! Bigger in cone means less combining threads. I can use one continuous thread to complete a project. That is revealing to me! Using weekly distributed coupons would bring the price down a lot. I’m looking forward to start a new purposeful project soon with using those!!